Monday, May 03, 2004

2004, First Sail of the season

TIME MACHINE has started her sailing season.  Bill, Heather, Jim, Roger
and Bob joined me for a great inaugural sail. Winds were 15-20 out of
the West and there was a bit of drizzle as we readied the boat.

Heading out to the lake, there is no problem with the channel. It looks
like the sand has hardly filled in around the bullwork, but there is
some buildup at the end of the dredged channel. I think we will be fine
this year!!!

Set the main and the old #3 (which looks better that the usual one).
Boatspeed was being read from the GPS, since the new speedo was not
reporting. Speeds were great. Did a bit of up-wind work and checked
the rig. All looked good, though the top was getting blown off a bit.

We then bore off and broad-reached [JAM] to the Toledo Harbor light,
where we turned and beat back to NCYC. Coming in the harbor, many
people were launching and stepping masts. All were envious of us
getting a sail!!!!

When we came in, we stopped at the gas dock and filled up on fuel (the
fuel gauge has quite reading entirely).

Jim and Roger and I worked to clear up some last minute items and then
we called it a day.