Saturday, September 22, 2007

2007, A season to remember...

The 2007 season is drawing to a close, and what a summer it has been. TIME MACHINE and her crew have been physically tested, mentally tested and had to press on through marathon activities.

This year has seen the melding of crew's from TIME MACHINE and WIZARD, with great success. The athletic level of the crew has been ratcheted up several notches. Considering the ferocious conditions we saw at the North American's, we would have been retiring instead of competing had we not been physically up to the task. We have also seen the crew concentrate and work for every 1/4 boatlength, whether it was on the distance races like the Mac or a short windward-leewards at the NOODS or T-o-L or N'As. At the top of the J35 fleet, that's what it takes to stay with the big dogs.

In addition to the tremendous commitment and skill of the crew, the boat has improved. This spring we made a significant adjustment to the rig tuning and we were able to try out the sails which had been recut and re-shaped over the winter. At the NOODS we showed much better boatspeed, both up and downwind. This carried forward through the whole season, and was even noticed at the NCYC midweek races where TIME MACHINE started showing up in the top 10 overall-corrected. Thanks to our sailmaker at Quantum, Wally Cross for his work on the sails. The biggest test of TIME MACHINE was the last regatta, the North Americans. The boat was tested by 30 knot winds and large seas. Except for a torn #3, all the systems worked and we did not suffer any major breakdowns.

So what were some of the highlights....
  • NOODS - beating BILL'S WILD RIDE
  • MILLS TROPHY - holding the boat together in a 30-35 knot run down the lake with a shorthanded crew
  • MAC - coming from mid fleet to take a podium finish, ahead of FALCON
  • T-o-L - just plain great racing, even though we couldn't put together 4 flawless legs (hummers)
  • Transport home from Cheboygan - A fun time with BILL'S WILD RIDE and FALCON for Heather and Carol
  • SUMMER SERIES - stuffing JBIRD, 3-niner at the pin end of the line one Wednesday
  • FALL SERIES - Great results both in fleet and overall
  • Transport to Toronto - Tough conditions for Heather and Robert, but we made it safely to Erie. A great, if long ride through the Welland to EYC
  • The NA's - A best ever result in the toughest conditions we have sailed in!
  • Transport home from Toronto - Perfect ride up the Welland with Paul and Dennis. Picture perfect ride to Erie. All night sail and record time from Erie to NCYC with Jeff.
A special thanks to all the crew and families, both the regulars and occasional folks. You all contributed and I hope had fun! In no particular order.... Alice, Bill & Heather, Fred & Wendy, Shawn & Carol, Dennis & Cathy, Paul & Doreen, Igor, Jon, Jim & Marcie, Dale & Sheri, Tim & Julie, Jeff & Marilyn, Jeff & Beth.... and all the guests and friends who we got to know along the way.

Thanks to our supporters... Wally Cross (Quantum), Todd Jones (Thomas Hardware), Richard McCurdy (Ockam Instruments), Winston Beckett (UK Toronto), Rob Cornelius (Etobicoke Yacht Club), Lester Lashaway (Toledo Beach Marina).... and many more.

Fair winds, comfortable seas, good health and happy times!!!!!


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