Monday, September 13, 2004

2004, Mid-Channel Race

TIME MACHINE was 3rd in class (5 boats) and 5th overall (about 21 boats) in
the Mid-Channel Race. Conditions were super light for the first leg but
then picked up to a gorgeous 8-12 knots under a sunny sky. We didn't do so
well for the light part and sailed most of the second leg with the spinnaker
over-trimmed by about 8 feet of sheet. However, the long beat to the MO-A
mark was our moment to shine. We caught BACI from about 30 minutes behind
and make huge gains on the whole fleet. It was pure straight-line
boatspeed!!! Fred did a great job of sailing the perfect angle of the
instruments. I think he is starting to appreciate how hard you have to
concentrate and he is starting to get a feel for it.

Thanks to the crew of Heather, Bill, Dave, Bob, Tim, Fred, Igor and Jim.

I am concerned about having enough turnout for the Jolly Roger Fall Series.
This one of the only Windward Leewards that we can sail with the Lake Erie
fleet and I would hate to miss it. Please send me you status for this
coming weekend ASAP. Right now I have Robert, Bob, Bill, Heather and Jim.
It's 2 days both Saturday and Sunday, starts are at 10:00am near the South
Mark. Weather forecast is very promising (Ivan should be long gone).