Saturday, March 12, 2005

Logging and more damn logging....

I'm meeting a sailmaker and trying to figure out which sails are in most need of upgrading. Some are obvious, like BIG RED (shrunk after wrapping around the forestay). Others are not obvious and it sure would have been nice to know how many hours, hoists, tacks and 'knot-hours' were on them.

In addition to all the other stuff that we need to write cown and collect, we really need to keep a good record of the 'regatta sails'. Think that a simple spreadsheet format will do it. It will let us quickly note the sails we used during a race or practice sail, how many hoists we made and the average wind speed. It would be nice to count the tacks. I think we can dispense with the number of tacks. It would also be easy to add links to pictures of the sails (for analysis).

So now we go for a practice sail. When we come in, some of the crew works to dry and pack the sails, other crew works to get the gear stowed and other crew works with the PC to archive the instrument data, download any sail pictures, enter the sail use data and write the log entry.

By getting a routine, each group should finish about the same time and we can all enjoy an adult beverage or two and debrief about the sail.


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Meeting with the coach

Spring is fast approaching and it's time to meet with Wally Cross from North Sails Detroit to refine our plans for sail purchases and coaching. Wally is just back from the Farr40 Worlds where he sailed with the PEGASUS Team. I hope to hear some of the stories from what must have been an amazing regatta.

Items on the agenda are:
  1. Sail purchases. Which sails need to be upgraded based on age, conditions of use, number of hoists and benefit to the program. What material should the new sail be. What construction method should they be. What are the costs.
  2. Training and coaching schedule for TIME MACHINE and which dates Wally can participate in.
  3. Update Wally on the discussions with TEACHER'S PET 2 and BACI about structured practice sessions.
  4. Find out what the plans are for FALCON and BRETWALDA and what we can setup for multiple boat practices during the summer.
That is all.....